Catalog of Inorganic Compounds

The inorganic compounds listed are those that GWI has produced and sold. The purity and particle size of compounds ordered are variables set by the customer. GWI's synthesis procedures are in two general classes. The first class produces low purity compounds of 2N (99%) and the second class produces high purity compounds of 3N+ (99.9+%). At GWI the purity of a compound is based on the analysis of all elements; a purity of 5N (99.999%) has 1ppm total elemental impurities. At present GWI incorporates mass spectrometry, ICP and atomic absorption spectrometry to determine elemental impurities. GWI supplies inorganic compounds as single phase polycrystalline material. Particle size can be specified from lumps to 325 mesh powder.

When ordering compounds please give molecular formula, purity and particle size.

Index of Compounds

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