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Since 1946 GWI has been a highly specialized manufacturer and developer of inorganic chemicals for industries worldwide.

The products listed in the GWI catalog are an indication of GWI's syntheses and production capabilities. Compounds listed are often developed around individual clients' specifications. Process material matrixes include combinations of gases/liquids/solid with reaction parameters of vacuum to high pressure to high temperatures. Chemical reactions are very often carried out in custom designed reactors, which are integrated with special support equipment including furnaces, filters, distillation, dryers, refrigeration and sizing. Processes and products are controlled using a quality control program supported by GWI's analytical laboratory. These processes are used by GWI to produce client specific compound, licensed or sold to clients.

GWI's applied research is conducted with only one goal in mind, and that is client satisfaction. Whether it is a test sample, contract manufacturing or toll conversions we make every effort to provide clients with the technical support and service necessary to achieve their goals.


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